Going Skiing this weekend? Here is what Coloradans say is a MUST HAVE!

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Going Skiing this weekend?  Here is what Coloradans say is a MUST HAVE!

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If you are going skiing this weekend, you must read this! Ski Pants and Ski Boots aren't the only important pieces of ski gear you need.

When you're on the mountain, YOU NEED PROTECTION. This is a NEW Colorado Favorite and some of the best ski gear out there.  

TransientCraft.Com has created the most versatile ski mask on the market. Made from organic bamboo, these are the BEST NECK GAITERS for skiing hands down! Still looking for where to buy a neck gaiter? The choice is simple. The Transient Craft Neck Gaiters are 4 season performance magic.  The reviews Speak for themselves 

Here is what others are saying about these products:

  • Best Rated Neck Gaiter for WINTER COLD WEATHER
  • Best Neck Gaiter for SKIING
  • Best Rated Neck Gaiter for HOT WEATHER too
  • Best Neck Gaiter for RUNNING
  • Best Neck Gaiter for FISHING
  • Best Neck Gaiter for SUMMER
  • Best UV Neck Gaiter

Buy one today for your next ski trip. Local pick is available by appointment in Golden, CO. Just send and email to info@transientcraft.com, subject: LOCAL PICKUP.

 Available in 2 styles:

Watch How to wear a neck gaiter  - Scroll Down to find the Video




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If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Transient Craft is all about sustainable. If you want to make an impact, Take 15% OFF when you JOIN THE CLUB


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