What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutrality is a big topic these days.  Companies like Amazon, Patagonia and Microsoft are dedicating themselves to being carbon neutral all by 2040 or better. It might sound bad that Microsoft is attempting to go carbon negative, but that is actually a very good thing! 

 So, what exactly does it mean to be carbon neutral?  Being “carbon neutral” implies that you remove (or are responsible for removing) the same amount of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere as you had previously added.

 OK, but now I have a few more questions...


1.      How do we remove the CO2 from the air?

2.      How do we know how much we are removing? 

3.      How do we measure our CO2 output?


All of these questions are valid.

How do we measure our CO2 output?

Let’s begin with the last question first. Companies use different tools to measure the amount of carbon they are responsible for emitting into the environment.  We found a good one at Carbonfootprint.com


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There is a lot of information to enter, all on an annualized basis. You begin entering in all your direct contributions from House, Auto and alike.  Next you can get an estimate on the secondary CO2 output you are responsible for by entering in things like how much you spent on clothing or electronic. Now we know how to calculate the amount of CO2 we emit, what next?


Once a company knows how much Carbon Dioxide they put into the atmosphere, NOW ITS TIME TO OFFSET IT! But how?

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How do we offset CO2 from the atmosphere?

There are endless ways one could offset their own carbon footprint. The way you offset your own carbon output is to directly or indirectly contribute to a project that will remove (or trap) carbon from the atmosphere.  One could donate money, time, effort, or something different as long as the project has the goal of reducing carbon in our atmosphere. These projects can be something as simple as planting trees or as complicated as creating legislation aimed to reduce carbon emissions.  The common thread is that all these projects have the potential to create entire carbon neutral cities.  The goal is to slow down global warming before it is too late. 

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How do we know how much to remove?

In summary, we can estimate our carbon output with free tools from the internet.  If we would like to offset our carbon output an become carbon neutral, there are companies like Cloverly.  This company will guide you in measuring your output THEN MATCH you up with an offset project.  Each project has a certain about of Renewable Energy Credits (Rec's), which is what is going to actually offset your carbon emissions. 


Are you Inspired to take the next step? We hope you are. You do not have to wait.


Here are 5 Ways to reduce your carbon footprint right now.  (Link - Coming Soon)


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Nice! Thanks for sharing this info, the whole carbon neutral/carbon credits thing is so confusing. I hope this inspires some folks to look at their carbon footprint more closely!

Margo Stoney

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