What you need for any early spring trail run or ultra marathon other than trail running shoes!

What you need for any early spring trail run or ultra marathon other than trail running shoes!

Are you snowed in like us? We are thing about running races in Colorado this spring / summer? Living in Colorado we see our fair share of weather.   It just snowed for 2 days straight but today, all blue skis. I’m dreaming about the running trails near me but there are still multiple feet of snow pretty much everywhere.


Since we cannot run today, we wanted to share some tips that we learned the hard way.  The following is a list of often overlooked items that can ultimately make you or break you when trail running in Colorado.   Excluding running shoes and running socks these are 5 running gear must haves for trail running in Colorado. Pick these up before your next ultra sign up!

Wear a Neck Gaiter, or 2 

  • At Transient Craft, we make the Best Neck Gaiters for Running, better than the most popular competitors. Looking for something versatile that you can wear to an ultra marathon or an Iron Man race?  Most Gaiters get hot and smell bad after only a few runs. The secret to bamboo is that it is breathable, antibacterial (keeps the odor out), plus is SUSTAINABLE!  The natural thermo-regulating properties make these ideal all year, in any climate. So why not run in comfort while being eco friendly and mindful of our environment? Without sustainability, we have no conservation. Without conservation, we have no trails.  Proceeds from every Neck Gaiter go to saving our planet. Shop Now

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Bring Micro Spikes 

  • For anyone who just moved to Colorado, microspikes for hiking and running aren’t always the first thing we think of when packing. If you leave the front range and head up the mountain, the trail conditions can change drastically, even in the summer.   Make sure you pick up a pair of these traction savers if you don’t already have one. I prefer the type with smaller triangle spikes attached to chains and the ones with the strap that goes over your laces.


Great all year!

Pack Proper Eye Protection

  • I can not tell you how many times I’ve been running, hit a patch of snow and DREAMED of having some sunglasses when I didn’t. Look for some sunglasses that don’t fog up on you. If you’re local to Golden, CO you can pick up a pair of sunglasses for running and a Transient Craft Bamboo Neck Gaiter all in one stop.  Head down to The Runners High and support our local running store.  

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Splurge on a Smartwatch

  • GPS, Heartrate monitor, goal setting, achievement tracking, altimeter and more. Expensive, but convenient. Why say anything more?

Men Wear Headbands Too!

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    Buy a Trail Run Hat 

    • When it comes to running hats, you need something light weight. Something that minds the sweat, cools you off in the summer, keeps you warm in the winter, blocks the sun, and performs is all types of conditions.
    • You could choose one of our bamboo headbands, 6.5” wide and will work great on most runs. Also great under a helmet. 
    • You could wear a neck gaiter over your head, but then you’ll need a 2nd one for your neck. 
    • The hat we most recommend you run with is our Bamboo Beanie. We’ve designed these to be light weight and versatile. Have a look for yourself!


    Some of these items are available here on TransientCraft.com. Some of them you may need to look at a running warehouse.  In either case, I cannot wait to get back out when the snow melts and knock down some running trails near me.


    We would love to hear from you! WHAT’S YOUR FAVOIRTE TRAIL TO RUN?  Leave the ANSWER in the COMMENTS!!

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