What you need for outdoor yoga class this spring!

What you need for outdoor yoga class this spring!

Want to get a jump on what's hot this year for Yoga? Like everyone else we are all looking for ways to stay safe while continuing to do the things that make us, us.  Outdoor Yoga is safer and becoming more popular as we continue to social distance. 

At TransientCraft.com, our bamboo headbands and neck gaiters are perfect for your outdoor yoga session or yoga at home this spring! 

Our headbands stay in place on your head through every yoga pose as well as keeping your ears warm in a spring chill. The headbands are also long enough to cover from your nose to your chin (about 6.5 inches) and can be used like a lightweight neck gaiter. 

If you need something with a little more length, check out out our bamboo neck gaiters.  These have the most versatility. Along with being used like a full face cover, you can use them like a headband or beanie as well.  




Want more ideas, See our Video on How to wear a neck gaiter!

No matter your choice, we have a wide variety of colors to match your yoga mat. 

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