Creating a Product to sell – Where our journey begins

Creating a Product to sell – Where our journey begins

When I met my husband we immediately (on our second date) hit the trail and went backpacking. He had a honed set up. Everything in his backpack had a purpose, no space went to waste, no extra weight. One of his most used pieces was a neck gaiter. From dish rag to sun protection, it got used every day.  

After going on many trips and having more than a few adventures I realized his neck gaiter was a staple of his wardrobe. The problem was it was gross, it stank like sweat, was made of polyester, and was a terrible lime green color. I knew that I could do better. An idea was born. 

I knew that I wanted to create a product that fit our lifestyle, I wanted it to be eco-friendly, multi-purpose, and I wanted to be able to make it myself. A neck gaiter hit all the marks. 

  1. I needed to find fabric that was not only eco-friendly but would be sturdy enough to be used in athletic clothing. 
  1. I decided that I would dye the fabric with a low emersion dye process I used in the past that would yield a large amount of fabric quickly with a unique tie dye effect. 
  1. I needed to make a pattern and a sample. 

Of Course we did some product testing! 

The next step in our journey would be packaging !  

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