Embrace Snowpocalypse 2021 – Here is what you should know…

Embrace Snowpocalypse 2021 – Here is what you should know…

A tweet from @Beau_Cameron says “Time to settle down for the #Snowpocalypse here in CO. Curious to see if we get what is predicted! #Colorado" 

That was from the 1st big snow off season this year, back in March. Now it's April and folks are certainly still skiing here is Colorado! We just had a couple feet come down in record breaking time last night.  If you are planning on skiing this weekend, this is still relevant.  Here is a flashback from what we wrote last month before the March 13-14 #Snowpocalypse. 


5+ feet of snow is predicted to hit Colorado over this weekend. Now that’s what I call “Colorado Snow”!  Groceries and other necessary supplies are being depleted quickly, as the storm approaches.  According to OpenSnow.com, Vale is expecting AT LEAST 21” of snow in the next 5 days and Breckenridge, 23". Most meteorologists are urging people to stay in, but we all know that isn't likely in Colorado!


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With snow in the forecast, ski and snow enthusiasts dream about jumping on that fresh powder. In Colorado, that dream is never far from reach. If you are planning a ski trip to Colorado this weekend, please be careful.  Here is what Coloradans say is a must have for any snow day activity.

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Getting to your trailhead is one thing, getting out is another. Be comfortable and stay safe. Understand that this may be the worst storm since 1885.  Driving anything other than a monster Truck may not be advisable. If you are planning a ski trip to Colorado, consider another weekend.


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NOTE: If anyone has the Colorado Springs weather forecast, please link it in the comments!


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