Tie Dye Apparel for Athletes, what to buy...

Tie Dye Apparel for Athletes, what to buy...

Tie Dye Apparel 

The tie-dying trend began in the 1960's and was popularized by hippies who were looking for ways to express themselves. Today, tie-dyeing is still popular among young people and is often associated with alternative culture. There are many different types of tie-dyes, including hand-dyed, machine-dyed, and screen-printed. Hand-dyed tie-dye is done by using natural dyes and paints to create unique patterns. Machine-dyed tie-dyed uses chemicals to produce colors. Screen-printed tie-dye is created by printing designs onto fabric using inkjet printers. Here is a list of ideas to get yourself or your tie dye loving athletic friends as a gift! 

  1. Athletic Wear

Athletic wear is clothing worn while participating in sports. Athletes may wear athletic wear to protect their bodies from injury and to help them perform at their best. Many athletes choose to wear athletic wear because they want to look good while playing their sport. A brightly colored headband may be a great idea for someone who fits this category.  

  1. Sportswear

Sportswear is clothing designed specifically for use in sports. Sportswear is often made from breathable fabrics and is comfortable. At TransientCraft.com, we specialize in Performance Bamboo Apparel, built for all sorts of athletic activities.  

  1. Gym Clothes

Gym clothes are clothing worn by gym goers. These clothes are often tight fitting and have pockets. Gym clothes are worn to keep the body warm while exercising. Leggings are one of the most popular pieces, even non gym goers love them! 

  1. Workout Clothing

Workout clothing is clothing worn by those who exercise regularly. These clothes are often loose fitting and have elastic waistbands. Workout clothing is worn to keep the body cool while working out. Headbands included.  

  1. Yoga Clothing

Yoga clothing is clothing worn by yoga practitioners. These clothes are often fitted and have pockets. Yoga clothing is worn to keep sweat away from the skin. Leggings, again being the most popular. 

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